Reds: Health deficit
Blues: Income deficit
Greens: Education deficit
Brightness: Magnitude of deficit
Colorful Development: RGB-coded Multidimensional Human Development Index
Source: | @csaladenes
South Africa LEI:0.568 EI:0.694 II:0.72 - Red Shift - Lower Health than Education and Income
Pakistan LEI:0.717 EI:0.371 II:0.58 - Green Shift - Lower Education than Health and Income
Madagascar LEI:0.688 EI:0.459 II:0.391 - Blue Shift - Lower Income than Health and Education
Ukraine LEI:0.746 EI:0.796 II:0.666 - Purple Shift - Lower Income and Health than Education
Angola LEI:0.491 EI:0.473 II:0.626 - Yellow Shift - Lower Education and Health than Income